Over a period of three years, UUCM will undertake a process designed to  prepare for our next settled minister. Together with Rev. Carol Strecker, our Interim Minister, we’ll take a look at where we’ve been and where we are so we can make some conscious decisions about where we want to go.

By the time we call our next settled minister, we’ll have a strong sense of identity and direction. We’ll know what kind of minister we need to help us get where we want to go.

Information about this Ministerial Search is detailed in:

Table of Contents

Search Activities

  • Survey Results (9/30/2018) – summary of the results from the congregational survey conducted by the Ministerial Search Committee.
  • Compensation Presentation (9/30/2018)- the Benefits Team, comprised of the Finance Committee and the Personnel Committee, gave this presentation on a proposed 5-year plan for UUCM.
  • Search Committee Announced (4/11/2018) – Read Their Bios

Transition Activities – describes activities of the Transition Team which preceded the Search Committee formation

Organizational Process – describes how we work together during this  time and what we discover about ourselves along the way.