Please join our congregation at our annual retreat, Sept. 7-9, 2018 at Ferry Beach Park Association in Saco, Maine. Wild fun, great fellowship and tranquility, all in one weekend!

Important Dates to Remember:

June 3      Enrollment Forms, Scholarship Forms and all Payments are due 
Sept 7-9      UUCM Ferry Beach Weekend!

UUCM has:

  • Rooms in Quillen and Underwood which accommodate at least three people, many accommodate four, and there is one larger room in Underwood which accommodates six. 
  • Two rooms in Cross Cottage; one room with a queen bed and small single bed and one room with a double bed, which is ADA accessible
  • Tenting campsites which accommodate up to five people. 

Important Information:

  1. Per Room or Per Campsite Charges:  The costs on the attached form are based on per room or per campsite, with the optional addition of meal charges.
  2. Meals are optional: If you choose to purchase meals, you will receive three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday.
  3. Dining Hall Information: Ferry Beach can prepare meals based on dietary restrictions if they are notified ahead of time, so please list any dietary restrictions on your form. The meal charge includes not only the five meals but also the beverage and snacks available during the weekend and the use of the building for the weekend. Per Ferry Beach’s request, people who are not paying for meals should not be in the dining hall. If a person would prefer not to pay for meals he/she has the option to camp, preparing and storing food at their campsite. The small fridge available in the dining hall is to store extra food for families paying for meals.
  4. Scholarships: Due to the increased need we have created a Scholarship Request form. This helps the Ferry Beach Committee compile the requests and make a determination in a timely manner.
  5. Please bring your own twin bedding and towels.
  6. No pets are allowed at Ferry Beach.


To register, download and print out the appropriate form(s):

Fill out the appropriate forms and submit with a check for the total amount made out to UUCM.  Put it in the Ferry Beach mailbox in the coat room or mail to Beth at the address below by the due date of June 3, 2018

Beth Soederberg
5 Golden Drive
Bedford, NH 03110

Attn: Ferry Beach 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: Beth Soederberg, , 603-472-3376