It’s a Mystery; stay tuned….

Beginning Anew

Carolyn McCreary, Music Director, Rev. Carol Strecker, and Worship Committee

Thich Nhat Hanh writes, “Every morning, when we wake up, we have 24 brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift!” As we perch on the leading edge of a whole new year, what are the possibilities for beginning anew?

A Covenantal People

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith, not a creedal faith. We don’t tell people what to believe.  We invite people to enter into a process; creating covenants that state explicitly how we want to be together. Our UU Principles are a covenant of how we want to be in the world. This morning we’ll begin to look at the importance of covenantal relationships within a community like this congregation.

This service will be followed by a potluck lunch and a workshop where we’ll begin to draft a “Covenant of Right Relations” for UUCM.

Seeing is Not Always Believing

Collaborative Worship

Curiosity is what keeps us alive to possibility and responsibility. When we learn from what we don’t already know, we grow into deeper understandings of the totality of the world around us and its challenges. Few people realized this basic educational and spiritual truth better than the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King. On the day when we remember how he challenged us to test the possible and take responsibility for the outcome of our actions, we explore what curiosity can mean for us as individuals and as a congregation that strives to live and act by the principles we believe in.

The Water We’re Swimming In

Rev. Carol Strecker

Many of us are struggling with what it means to be white in contemporary American culture. Whiteness as a cultural norm. It confers power and privilege based on the color of one’s skin. It’s deeply rooted in systems of oppression designed to maintain the status quo. It can be hard to see because it’s literally the water we swim in. Understanding the dynamics of racism is important work for people of faith who affirm the worth and dignity of all people and equity and justice for all.

Looking for Signs

Rev. Carol Strecker

Imbolc is the Earth-Centered celebration of the first stirrings of new life. Believe it or not, this is the time of year when seeds begin to germinate and the sap starts to rise in the trees – signs of new life that are so subtle we hardly notice them – but they’re there. What’s starting to grow in you?

Curiosity as a Search Tool

Collaborative Worship

Curiosity is a natural instinct and a powerful learning tool. We use it to search for meaning, answers, inspiration, and community, in the process discovering its many layers.  In this service we explore how curiosity can help us grow as individuals and as a congregation.

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Poet; Remembering Mary Oliver

Rev. Carol Strecker

If Unitarian Universalism had poet laureates. one of the most beloved would be Mary Oliver. We’ll honor her recent passing by lifting up the words and images that have helped so many look at life just a little more closely, seeing a little more deeply that which connects us to all that is. If you have a favorite Mary Oliver poem, please bring it with you to share.

Searching for What Matters Most

Rev. Carol Strecker

What core values do we use as a lens for making decisions in our lives; as individuals and as a congregation? And how do those values, once identified, serve as a guiding light, a North Star as it were, in our daily lives?

There will be a potluck lunch immediately following the service. After lunch the Council will share the work they’ve been doing identifying some of these “core values”. Join us for this important congregational conversation as we lift up those important values and ways we can live more fully into them. This is especially important in light of our upcoming Stewardship Campaign and the future of our education programming for children and youth.

Making Room

Rev. Carol Strecker

It seems like Marie Kondo’s method for tidying up has struck a chord with many Americans.  With spring right around the corner, it is a good time to think about the importance of de-cluttering, so we can see and make room for the soul.

Working Together For Justice

Rev. Carol Strecker

Working for justice is one of the core values of this congregation, so how can you work together as a congregation for justice?  This morning we’ll engage in a process of lifting up social justice issues that are important in the life of this congregation and hopefully select one or two you can focus on, as a congregation.

Rooted in the Earth; Celtic Spirituality

Rev. Carol Strecker

Many people seem to be fascinated by the culture of the ancient Celts. Stories that have their origins in medieval times of fairy folk people and leprechauns capture the imagination and the people to a gossamer, otherworldly existence that’s tied to the land. This morning we’ll take a look at one of the old stories and what it has to teach us about Celtic spirituality and ourselves.

Unitarian Universalist Women Visionaries

Collaborative Worship

The theme for March is Vision and it is Women’s History Month. What better time to honor the many contributions of UU women and to relate their achievements to our life today.

The Greening of our Vision

Jackie Davis (minister of fun) and her merry band of mischievous gardeners

Like the sun, the gifts of time, energy and money that we share with this congregation are forms of energy that give our shared values life.  This very special service for all ages will be a “Spring Revels”, celebrating the gifts of life in the greening of the earth and in the greening of our vision.  We’ll pledge our gifts together and fill the Sanctuary with new life.

The service will be followed by a celebratory brunch.

Learning to Laugh at Ourselves

Rev. Carol Strecker

Humor is an important teaching tool in many religious traditions, including Unitarian Universalism.  What are the spiritual gifts of good humor in a world where so much is deadly serious?

Today we will celebrate some of our newer UUCM members!