This section contains information about the Interim period, during which UUCM will transition from one settled minister to another.

Timeline and Milestones




The Transition presentation, as produced by the transition team. Click on the controls below the presentation to view it. (Note that you can view this full screen by clicking on the control , below the presentation) :


Here are some useful terms that will be used during the transition process:

Called or Settled minister: What we all probably usually think of as a minister. A minister who serves a congregation in a long-term covenantal relationship.

Interim minister: A minister who serves a congregation in transition. The UUA suggests congregations sign a one-year contract, renewable for one additional year. Most interims serve the same congregation for two years.

AIM: Accredited Interim Minister. In the UUA, AIMs have completed an extensive program and have demonstrated competence in both parish ministry and as consultants to congregations in transition. They have special skills in assisting congregations in honoring their pasts; recognizing strengths, needs and challenges; clarifying roles within the congregation; helping connect the congregation with the UUA and other resources; and defining and renewing their vision.

AIMit: An AIM in training

Fair Share Compensation: Compensation for ministers (and other staff) that is set according to guidelines determined by the UUA.

Transition Team: Will replace the current Committee on Ministry and work closely with the interim minister on the work of the transition. The transition team consists of: Ellen Groh, Bryan Higgs, Carl Olsen, Sue Durham, Donna Ryan, Dan Rothman, Linda Goodman.  They will complete the five developmental tasks:

  1. Claiming and honoring the past and healing its grief and conflicts. Coming to terms with history.
  2. Illuminating the congregation’s unique identity, its strengths, its needs and its challenges. Discovering a new identity.
  3. Clarifying the multiple dimensions of leadership, both ordained and lay, and navigating the shifts in leadership that accompany times of transition. Allowing leadership to emerge.
  4. Renewing connections with available resources within and beyond the UUA. Renewing denominational linkages.
  5. Enabling the congregation to renew its vision, strengthen its stewardship, prepare for new professional leadership and engage its future with anticipation and est. Committing to new directions in ministry.


Timeline and Milestones

There is a poster-board in Barnum Hall that shows the milestones along a timeline for the transition.  (Click on the photo to view an expanded image. You can then click again to blow it up even more.)


Initial Timeline – Interim Minister:

      • Jan 10, 2017:  Council Meeting: Rev. Barbara announced she is leaving, effective end of the UUCM year, Council began informing selves about ministerial transition via UUA website
      • Feb 1, 2017:  Council met with Joe Sullivan from UUA District Office
      • Feb 14, 2017:  Council Meeting: Council reviewed information from meeting with Joe, discussed options. Voted to move forward on hiring full-time Interim minister for next year. Nominated people to serve on Interim search committee
      • Apr 18, 2017:  Application for interim minister due in to UUA
      • May 2017:  Interim search committee reviews applications, checks references, conducts interviews, and makes a recommendation to Council.  Council Hires Interim. Contract is for one year, renewable for one year with mutual agreement.
      • Aug 1-15, 2017:  Typical arrival time of interim minister (this may vary)
      • Feb-Apr, 2018:  Congregation may renew contract with interim minister for 2018-2019 year. If we do not want to renew contract, new interim search committee will need to be formed.
      • Apr 2018:  If we need to hire a 2nd interim, our application will be due in to the UUA around the same time next year.

Complete Timeline – Settled Minister:

      • Jan-Apr 2018:  Transition Coach from UUA Regional office will meet with Council
      • Mar – May, 2018:  (approx) Settled Search Committee (SC) is formed
      • Jun-Sept 2018:  SC preparation, education
      • Jun-Sept 2018:  Council selects negotiating team for ministerial compensation package and draft agreement
      • Jul-Nov 2018:  SC conducts and analyses congregational survey
      • Oct 2018:  Council approves compensation package. Council announces Congregational Meeting.
      • Mid-Nov 2018: (approx)  Congregational Meeting to approve compensation package
      • Nov 30, 2018:  SC must complete online Application for Minister. Must include: information packet including draft agreement; results of congregational survey; congregational record. Compensation package form due shortly thereafter.
      • Jan 3, 2019:  SC requests access to Ministerial Records. Granted when congregation has completed all necessary steps.
      • Jan-early Feb 2019:  SC evaluates packets of mutually interested ministers, selects & schedules three pre-candidates for pre-candidating weekends
      • Feb-Mar 2019:  Pre-candidating weekends. Will include services at neutral pulpits
      • Mar 30, 2019:  SC makes offer to first choice candidate
      • Apr 2019:  Negotiating team concludes ministerial agreement with candidate
      • Apr 2019:  Council and candidate execute ministry agreement subject to call by congregation & acceptance by candidate.  Council announces candidacy
      • Apr-May 2019:  Congregation extends call and minister accepts
      • Aug-Sept 2019:  Minister arrives

Resources to Learn More

      • Please feel free to contact any Council member via phone or email.
      • UUA website – Ministerial Transitions